Our Guide to Choosing Wine

Food-Wine-Pairing-Demystified-1The old saying about “red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat” is such consistently useful advice that it’s sometimes worth a periodic reminder that it isn’t always so.

The basic rule is worth remembering, because you just about can’t go wrong by ordering Cabernet Sauvignon with a steak or Chardonnary with lobster, or Chianti with spaghetti and meatballs and Zinfandel – red, of course – with a juicy burger. These are good things to know, particularly for a nervous wine novice wrestling with a restaurant wine list.

But how about chicken, with its light breast meat and dark thighs? or pork, “the other white meat”? Most of these dishes will go delightfully with red wine or white, and your choice of sauce or side dishes may weigh more heavily in the balance than the meat itself.

The moral is: Know the rules, but don’t be afraid to break them. It’s ok to drink what you like!